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If you want to stay on top of everything that's going on with Fronter, this is the place. You can sort the list so that you only get the kinds of news that you think you might find interesting.


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    Trafalgar Infant School wins Technology in Learning Award with Fronter room

    Press Release:The Community Education Awards is very pleased to announce that the winner of the Technology in Learning Award 2015/2016 is Trafalgar Infant School, Twickenham.   Read More...

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    itslearning acquires Fronter

    Press ReleaseBergen, Norway  4. November 2015 -- itslearning AS, a market leading learning management system provider, announces the company has acquired Scandinavian-based learning management system Fronter from Pearson.The acquisition is an important step in itslearning’s global strategy of strong and sustainable growth,   Read More...

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    How to hand in assignments in Fronter

    In Fronter we focus on creating a great flow between our tools that makes it easy for you to complete your day to day tasks. One of the things that a student has to do almost every day is handing in assignments, therefore we have made this little video on how you can do exactly that.   Read More...

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