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Fronter at the Circus

When you think about an ordinary day for a student, you probably imagine her waking up when the alarm rings (or when her parents drag her out of bed), eating breakfast and going to school. After 6-8 hours at school, learning and playing with friends, she would place her chair on top of her desk and run happily home.

Well, that's not the case for the children of circus artists in Germany. Instead of living in one place and going to the same school every day, they wake up each morning in a new location, surrounded by camels and clowns, ready to entertain people with the magic of the circus.

Like most children, they want to attend school to learn and have equal opportunities in life. That's why EVIM, a Christian organisation in Germany, has turned buses into moving classrooms, visiting the children at the circus.

There are no teachers working full-time on the bus; instead local teachers devote their spare time to teach the kids. And because the circus travels a lot, children are only able to attend school once or twice a week. 

To stay on top of their education while traveling, the students use Fronter to connect with their teachers. With Fronter, the teachers can design Individual Learning Plans to follow-up on each student's progress. 

When the children grow up, some of them continue working in the circus as tightrope artists, animal trainers, clowns, etc. Others decide to become doctors, engineers or teachers. With the help of the bus, internet and Fronter, they get to choose what they want.                                  

Learn more about the project on EVIM´s website

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