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Client and browser requirements

Fronter is 100% web based and will run on all devices that can launch a modern web browser with support for W3C standards, although some functionality may not be fully supported by all browsers and operating systems.

Fronter supports the two latest stable production versions of the following browsers for use with Fronter on a laptop/desktop computer

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (for Mac OS X)

Please note: For Internet Explorer this means only the two latest versions, currently IE10 and IE11. Whenever possible, we highly recommend installing new versions of browsers as they become available.

Specifically for mobile tablet devices, Fronter supports:

  • Safari on iOS devices
  • Google Chrome on Android devices

Java plug-in is required in order to run the Java based tools in Fronter (e.g. sound recorder). We recommend always running the latest Java available. Please note that we do not provide support on the Java VM. (See here for a list of platforms where you can install the Java plug-in.) See also here for tips regarding Fronter Java applets.

Please note also that Apple's iOS has no support for Java. Please see here for more information.

Settings in the browser

Important settings in the browser are:

  • Allow pop-up windows from *.fronter.com (or your respective Fronter domain)
  • Enable cookies from *.fronter.com (or your respective Fronter domain)
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Switch off compatibility view in Internet Explorer
  • Additionally for Internet Explorer under Security:
    • Download Signed ActiveX controls – Enable
    • Run ActiveX and plugins – Enable
    • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting – Enable
    • Display mixed content – Enable

Additionally, to view various contents you or others may have uploaded into Fronter, you may need appropriate browser plugins, for example Flash or Quicktime. Fronter itself does not require any such plugins however.

Accessibility and screen readers

We actively test with and support the following browser and screen reader combinations:

  • IE + Jaws (latest stable)
  • Firefox + NVDA
  • Safari + VoiceOver