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Can I connect my domain name with our Webfronter site?

Yes you can. The process of connecting your organisation's domain name to your Webfronter website is as follows:

  1. Please raise a service request with the Fronter service desk, with the following information
    Your domain name (e.g. "www.myschool.com")
    The path to your Webfronter web site (e.g. "webfronter.com/myinstallation/myschool")
  2. Once your request is fulfilled, please contact your ISP asking them to change your domain's DNS entry so that it has a CNAME record pointing to webfronter.com

Please note that the above applies to installations hosted in Oslo, i.e. that have an URL such as "fronter.com/customer"; for other hosting centres, please contact your local Fronter team for further details).