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Thursday 26th January

Fronter – a Brilliant Future
Torgeir Lyngstad, Director of Engineering, Fronter 
Alf Proven, 
- Product Owner, Fronter

itslearning TeachMeet 
Teachers who use itslearning - Norway, Sweden and the UK
Audience: Teachers and Educators

The teachmeet will give you the opportunity to connect, share and learn with educators across the globe. There will be a series of short and inspiring presentations, with time in between to discuss and network with each other.

Our presenters will be announced shortly. 

Get Dynamic with Digital Content and Learning Goals
Coles Wilkinson,  Commercial Manager, itslearning
Audience: Senior Leadership and Pedagogical IT Consultants

This session will explore the way in which creating and sharing content can improve student outcomes. Learn how to provide flexible and adaptable learning experiences. 

2.00pm - 3.00pm 
Assessment Clinic (Delivered in English)
Trond Skeie, Sales Manager, itslearning
Nils Hjelmervik, Key Account Manager, itslearning
Audience: Educators, Teachers, Pedagogical IT Consultants and Senior Leadership 

Working with assessment can be time-consuming, especially when you need to gather information from other teachers and systems. In this interactive session, we will demonstrate itslearning's new powerful assessment functionalities, including term assessment and personalised feedback options. Join this session to get an optimised assessment process for your school! A small survey will be sent out in advance to identify your starting point.

3.00pm - 4.00pm 
Universal Design for Learning
Kim Blomqvist, Senior Consultant, itslearning
Audience: Teachers and Educators

During this lecture you will not only learn about the theories of UDL; see how it is used in practice. Get a demonstration of how itslearning as a pedagogical learning management system supports working with UDL through elements such as the planner, test, survey, internal messaging system, multimedia possibilities and more. 

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