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The Best use of itslearning awards 2012 received more than 60 entries from across Europe and the United States. After careful consideration, our panel of judges settled on the winner and the runner up. The decision was extremely difficult and we’d like to thank everyone who entered for sharing their great ideas with us.

The Best use of itslearning awards 2012 winner:

A student-created subject wiki

Lucy Witham, the Guernsey Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre, UK

Students studying photography on this island off the UK coast are far removed from the galleries on the mainland. So Lucy set up “Genre blocks” on itslearning to enable students to share knowledge, resources and a passion for art. A Genre block is an itslearning page that students update as they discover new resources. It works as a wiki-style system and, as well as giving students somewhere to share their resources, new students use the wiki as a starting point for project investigation. There is also a virtual space where students publish and review their work and work from professional artists.

 Like most competition entries, the Genre Block is merely part of a wider teaching approach. Lucy also uses itslearning to pre-teach classes and give students an area to extend their studies outside class –and she has seen a significant increase in independent learning across the course as a result.

The runner up:

Using Pages to flip the classroom

Merethe Hollen, Department of Radiography, University College North Denmark

At the Radiography department, lecturers plan based on the principle of 50% physical presence and 50% virtual teaching. Merethe uses itslearning pages to give her students a comprehensive overview of all the materials in ethics teaching. These can include embedded videos, links to streamed lectures and other resources, which help students prepare for one-to-one teaching and online discussions. Merethe has also created tests where students have to consider ethical dilemmas.