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Back to School Manual

A fresh start

Holidays are over and another school year is upon us. To help you focus on the more fun aspects of starting a new year, like meeting new students and colleagues, we created a "Back to School Manual". The manual contains a description as well as screenshots of the steps to refresh your Fronter building and prepare for new learning experiences.

Image: Example from the manual.

New users  

If you are new to Fronter, the "Teacher Start up Manual" covers all the basics, as well as advanced functionalities of Fronter.  

Some teachers take advantage of all the functionalities of Fronter, like importing audio and video to their lesson plans, while others use Fronter for basic necessities, such as handing out and receiving homework and tests. Whatever your needs may be, the manual can be a great resource for you.  

We wish all our users a great new school year!