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Ann Michaelsen, Assistant Principal, Sandvika High School, Norway

Responsible for educational development at Sandvika high school. Have been working actively with the educational use of technology since the school was established in 2006. The school started with laptops for all the students before this became the norm for all high schools in Norway. We were pioneers in Norway in the use of computers and teaching without textbooks. We established a national network called "Del og Bruk" and worked systematically to encourage a culture of sharing at our school. I have also worked actively with external partners and have on several occasions been invited to contribute at conferences organised by among others the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education and Education Directorate of Norway. Responsible Project Manager at our annual Sandvika conference for 10 years with many famous international keynote speakers. Was primarily
responsible for Sandvika's participation in "Microsoft Innovative School Program" in Brazil in 2009 , and invited back to host a workshop at Microsoft's event in South Africa 2010. Initiated the Norwegian participation in Connected educators month in 2014.

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