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Our Story

Fronter is a Learning Platform provider to schools, universities and educational institutions worldwide, based on educational models from the Nordic countries. Fronter ́s core business is as a professional supplier of the Learning Platform experience for educators and students by delivering a combination of Software as a Services, support and professional services.

itslearning acquire Fronter

Fronter is now owned by itslearning, Europe's largest learning platform provider.

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  • The idea and fundamental concepts for the Fronter learning platform was created in a collaboration between some of the Norwegian universities and the Fronter founders. The vision was to create a system that was designed specifically for teaching and learning in the higher education sector. Over the years the collaboration between the university sector and Fronter in the form of reference group has lead to the development of a variety of tools and functionality which formed the Fronter learning platform.

    This group representing Fronter users in higher education is still working actively today. Today the Fronter learning platform is implemented successfully with many educational institutions and schools from medium size installations to large scale implementations with complex customization requirements. Every single day a large number of teachers, students, staff and parents benefit from the collaboration possibilities in a digital hub made for the purpose of pedagogical processes.

  • The Fronter Learning Platform is based on the idea that the educator is key to greater learning for students, and that empowering the educator and students with a workflow specifically designed for learning brings better results and more joy to learning. The Fronter Platform also provides the learning context as a secure online digital hub for institutions populated with the members and groups of the institution (In Fronter referred to as a “Buildings”) in group and subject specific learning environments (In Fronter referred to as “Rooms”) with flexible administration features.

    Fronter has been known to support a variety of teaching methods and practices. The Learning Platform covers the learning process from planning, learning activities, assessment and analysis in the context of subject/topic spaces.

    As Fronter continues to improve with new and modern core tools for teaching and learning processes for mobility and ease of use, the extended capabilities through integration with other cloud services is key to provide the users with the possibility to use such services in a pedagogical workflow.