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A new and fresh support system

Following the merger of Fronter and itslearning one of our major tasks has been to ensure that all customers get the best support possible. As part of this process we have performed a full review of both the processes we work to and the software we use.

For our ticket management system we have decided to move all customers from the existing support systems to a single product and after a review we decided that Freshdesk (www.freshdesk.com) was best suited to our needs. The main reason for this is that, along with allowing us to take tickets via phone calls, a web portal and e-mail (as you’re used to) it also gives us a large number of other support channels. Whilst we will not be implementing these to begin with we hope to make use of these going forward to ensure that all customers get the support they need.

For our Fronter customers one of the key requirements has been to replicate the built in support which allows administrators to use an SSO to view and log tickets from directly inside the VLE. Work is on-going to replace this functionality. In the meantime we are slowly moving users to the new system on a country by country basis. When your account is moved you should receive an e-mail from our support system inviting you to create a new password.

One thing you may notice moving forward is that the itslearning branding is much more prominent than Fronter, this does not mean that Fronter will not get support or development, it is purely that itslearning is now the overall company with Fronter as an entirely separate product. Where suitable we will try to highlight areas that are specifically for Fronter customers.

To help ensure the switch is as simple as possible we have created a short tutorial on how to use the new support portal.