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Once you’ve created a course, you need to add your students to it so they can start working. Here’s how you do it.

How to Add Students to Your Course

Your school’s itslearning administrator should already have created groups of students so you can add an entire class to a course at one time.*

1. Click Participants in the left-hand menu.

2. Click Hierarchy synchronization and then Find hierarchy.

*If you are using an itslearning demo site, you may not be able to add students to a course.

add students
search group

3. Under the heading 'Title', find the group you want. (It may take a few clicks to get down to the correct group.)

4. Click Choose and then click Save.

Top Tip: Hierarchies are easier than you think

A hierarchy may sound complex, but it’s actually just another word for group. Using hierarchies in itslearning makes it easy to add and remove groups of students from courses and projects.

The great thing about hierarchies is that they update automatically. So, if a student moves class or a new student joins the school, you don’t have to update the class list on your course.

Any changes made by the administrator will be automatically reflected in your courses.

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