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Use the assignment tool for any activity that you want your students to do, such as homework, a research project or an essay. itslearning simplifies setting, collecting and marking assignments. Everything is done online, vastly reducing the piles of paper on your desk.

Adding an Assignment for Your Students

1. In the left-hand menu, find the folder that you want to add the assignment to. Click Add.

2. In the activities menu, click Add assignment. Give the assignment a title (for example, Homework assignment for unit 1).

3. In the text box, write the instructions your students need.

4. You can add additional information, including the deadline. (Feel free to ignore any fields that are not appropriate to you, such as Add learning objective, Submission status and No course group.)

5. Click Save. Your students will be able to see the assignment when they log in. You’ll get a notification when a student uploads a completed assignment.

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