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Store, access and share digital files and teaching resources, such as PPT, PDF and video, with students and other teachers at any time, from any computer. You have one central space (My web files) where you can store all your files.

Adding a File to My Web Files

1. Click ePortfolio in the top menu. Then click My files and choose My web files.

2. Click Upload file and then Choose File (or Browse). A pop-up box will appear. Find the file you want and click Open.

3. Click Upload file and your file will be saved to itslearning. It will appear in the list in My web files.

Adding a folder to your course

1. Start by adding a folder to your course. On the course dashboard, click Add at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

2. Click Add folder. Give the folder a title, and click Save.

Sharing a file with your students

1. Now you can add a resource to the folder. In the left-hand menu, click the folder you want then click Add.

2. Choose Add note. Give your note a title and add a short description in the text field.

3. Click Insert and then click File from ‘My web files’.

4. Find your file and then click 

If you are adding a video, it may be better to embed it directly into the note by clicking

5. Click Save and your note will appear in the tree folder.

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