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Guide students to resources, remind them of upcoming tasks, and keep them informed of class news with content blocks.

How to Add Content Blocks

1. Open your course by clicking the Courses tab and then clicking your course in the list.

2. Click Add content block and choose Rich content.

3. Give your content block a title (for example, Welcome to English Language Class).

4. Write a short text welcoming your students to the course.

5. Click OK.

6. Change the contents of the block at any time by clicking Edit (pencil icon) in the upper right portion of the block.

Top Tip: Getting Creative with Video

If you have found a video on YouTube that you would like your students to watch, you can add it directly onto your course page. This way, your students will see it when they log onto your course and will be able to watch it without leaving itslearning.

1. Open YouTube, find the video you want and copy the URL (the web address in your browser’s address bar).

2. Open your course. You now need to add the Bulletin content block to your course page.

add video (If you have a Bulletin content block on your course dashboard already, jump straight to step 3.)

On your course dashboard, click Add content block, select the Aggregated tab and choose Bulletins.

3. Click Add bulletin. Give your bulletin a title and write some introductory text about the video for your students in the text editor.

4. Click Insert and choose Web 2.0 content. (If you would rather record your own video using your webcam, click New video recording.)

5. Paste the YouTube URL into the URL field and click Insert. You will see an icon in the text editor to show where the video has been added.

6. Click Save. Both you and your students will be able to play the video in the bulletin on the course page.

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