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A course in itslearning is an online learning space. You use it to share resources with your students, set and collect assignments, and communicate basic class information.

How to Create a Course

1. The school dashboard is the first screen you see when you log onto itslearning. Click the Courses tab. 

To create, or not to create? If your school has created courses for you, skip this step.

When you click the Course tab, you will see a list of existing courses. If your course is there, click the course name to view the course dashboard.

A shortcut to your courses: If your course has already been created, you can find it by clicking the Go to... menu.

add new course

log on to itslearning

2. In the top menu, click Add course.

3. You can now choose whether to create an early learners course or a standard course.

4. Choose the course type relevant to your students, and give your course a title.

5. At this stage you will see some fields that are not relevant to you (for example, Course code and Credits). Ignore these for now.

6. Click Save and you’re done.

choose course type

Top Tip: Getting to grips with content blocks

A new course in itslearning has six content blocks already on the dashboard. Content blocks enable you to add news, information, calendars, videos and more for your students to see.

Hide a block by clicking on the X, and bring it back later when you are ready to use it. If you prefer to start with a blank course, you can hide all the content blocks at the beginning.

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